TakLite TA-50 V2 LED Flashlight




Brand new in box. Box has a tear on the back. Bought and never used, brand new in box.

The TA-50 features a Nichia (High CRI) diode with a maximum output of 900 lumens. With a super wide 125° viewing angle and 175 meter beam distance, the TA-50’s beam profile and brightness is sure to outshine the competition for miles. Unlike the previous generation TA-50 which used a color temperature of 6000K, the new TA-50 V2 uses a warmer color temperature of 5000K which results in a light which more closely resembles natural sunlight.

Using nearly twice the amount of bar stock as similar-sized competing products, the T6 tempered body provides full protection against water, shock, dirt, and debris.

The TA-50 V2 is one of the first flashlights on the market to feature both primary modes and secondary modes. Primary modes are able to fundamentally alter the functionality of the flashlight at a hardware level whereas the secondary modes alter the functionality in a more traditional capacity. For example, the rear tailswitch can be programmed to operate as a momentary on/off-type switch (similar to what is used in handgun applications)

The silicon plug covered  Micro-USB port has been removed to allow for improved waterproofing and durability. The battery can now be recharged directly through a port located on the positive end of the battery.



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