ShibaSoft Premium Weighted Blanket 20lbs 60×80 Includes Minky Cover


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Brand new in box, sealed and never used.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL- Our weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable natural cotton material and filled with premium glass beads. The beads are placed into small polyester pockets that keep the beads evenly distributed. To prevent the glass beads leakage, we added two layers microfiber inside, which is also breathable and designed to offer better temperature control.
  • Made of 7 layers to ensure our blankets are of the highest quality and are meant to last unlike some of the other blankets on the market that are made of 5 or fewer layers. ShibaSoft is meant to last.
  • Made of 100% premium cotton to insure that ShibaSoft blankets are breathable and not hot and sticky  like synthetics. Will remain cool even on hot summer nights.
  • Filled With Tiny/Non-Toxic/Odorless/Hypo-Allergenic And Glass Beads So That The Weight Of The Blanket Will Be Evenly Distributed, Which Can Offer A Better Comfort To You And Prevent Movement While You’re Resting.
  • Best fit for Individuals, Kids and Adults Between 190lbs-240lbs
  • Premium quality and guaranteed to last



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