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The security umbrella may look like a “regular” umbrella. In fact, it is a very special umbrella with a basically unbreakable inner core. In an emergency, you benefit from the surprise effect, since the attacker does not expect that you are equipped as a supposedly defenseless victim with such an effective defense tool. This extreme stability makes the security umbrella perfect for warding off blows, kicks and all kinds of attacks. It can be used like a baseball bat, a club or a baton. The security umbrella improve you safety enormously. This special security umbrella is, like the men’s umbrella, basically indestructible only lighter and smarter for women with an elegant ladies handle. Women are often more vulnerable than men and with the security umbrella they can protect themselves effectively. The advantages of this special umbrella at a glance It is a fully functional, elegant umbrella with an automatic opening mechanism. The shaft is virtually unbreakable, no matter how hard it is used. With a length of 86 cm, it weighs just 570 grams. The security umbrella can bear the weight of a person of up to 100 kg. He can be carried anywhere legally (even in airplanes, official buildings, and at events). It contains no unusual components and the only metal is the stainless steel tip. The security umbrella is delivered with a protective bag and practical shoulder strap in the color options blue, black or aubergine. Length: 86 cm Diameter open: 107 cm Weight: 570 g Fabric: 100 % Nylon

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