Paracord Survival Bracelet Compass/Flint/Fire Starter/Whistle Camping Gear/Kit


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1.Wrapping this paracord bracelet around your wrist, you could find that it match your outdoor style apparel, along with a sense of beauty 2.Once you move the hook, you could easily open the wrist strap, which could save the time in an emergency 3.Besides the paracord, this bracelet also comes with the stainless steel knife with scrapper, flit, a compass and a whistle, giving you a hand when it is necessary 4.The stainless steel knife is small but sharp enough to cut the wood sticks or meat and could be detached from the paracord bracelet. no need to carry a heavy knife again. Plus, the back of the blade has a scrapper to use with the Flint to help you make a fire and stay warm or cook5.If you cannot find your friends, you could blow the whistle to let out a loud sound which could be heard far away to tell your friends where you are 6.It also has a compass on the buckle to help you find your way back to camp and keep you from getting lost In the woods 7.A good companion for camping, hiking, taking adventures etc. 8.The paracord is approx. 11ft long and multi functional, as it could be detached to be used as the rope, stop blood bleeding and tie up the tent