Mondulkiri Coffee Green Beans, Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans



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Fresh green beans, Mondulkiri Cambodian, a rare coffee to find

Organic and fair trade

A traditional way to prepare Cambodian coffee (as well as other Southeast Asian coffees) is to roast the coffee until it is nearly black by using vegetable fat.

Once the coffee beans have been roasted they are ground up to create a very fine powder that is used to brew a very rich and dark cup of coffee. Typically the coffee is brewed using either a cloth sock-like sieve or a Vietnamese coffee filter.

Among the coffee producers of Indochina the most well-known is Vietnam which is the second largest exporter of coffee on the planet. Less well known are the coffees of Laos and Cambodia though these areas are likely to see increased coffee production in the future and may eventually emerge in the gourmet coffee market.

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