Kastar Battery NP-FP91 for Sony Sony NP-FP90, NP-FP91

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Brand new in box.Battery Compatible:Sony NP-FP30, NP-FP50, NP-FP51, NP-FP60, NP-FP70, NP-FP71, NP-FP90, NP-FP91 Charger Compatible:Sony TRV, TRV-U Compatible with the following models:Sony DCR-30 Sony DCR-DVD92 Sony DCR-DVD103 Sony DCR-DVD105 Sony DCR-DVD202 Sony DCR-DVD203 Sony DCR-DVD205 Sony DCR-DVD304 Sony DCR-DVD305 Sony DCR-DVD403 Sony DCR-DVD404 Sony DCR-DVD405 Sony DCR-DVD505 Sony DCR-DVD602 Sony DCR-DVD605 Sony DCR-DVD653 Sony DCR-DVD703 Sony DCR-DVD705 Sony DCR-DVD755 Sony DCR-DVD803 Sony DCR-DVD805 Sony DCR-DVD905 Sony DCR-HC16 Sony DCR-HC17 Sony DCR-HC18 Sony DCR-HC19 Sony DCR-HC20 Sony DCR-HC21 Sony DCR-HC22 Sony DCR-HC23 Sony DCR-HC24 Sony DCR-HC26 Sony DCR-HC27 Sony DCR-HC28 Sony HDR-HC3 Sony DCR-HC30 Sony DCR-HC32 Sony DCR-HC32 Sony DCR-HC33 Sony DCR-HC35 Sony DCR-HC36 Sony DCR-HC39 Sony DCR-HC40 Sony DCR-HC41 Sony DCR-HC42 Sony DCR-HC43 Sony DCR-HC44 Sony DCR-HC46 Sony DCR-HC65 Sony DCR-HC85 Sony DCR-HC94 Sony DCR-HC96 Sony DCR-SR30 Sony DCR-SR40 Sony DCR-SR50 Sony DCR-SR60 Sony DCR-SR70 Sony DCR-SR80 Sony DCR-SR90 Sony DCR-SR100 Sony HDR-HC3 Sony HDV-1080iAll of our listings have one day handling time, as well as 1-3 day shipping for most items. Items sold on Friday or Saturday, will be shipped on the following Monday. If you have any questions let us know!