Hypen wireless charger with Qi support white

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Wireless charger for your smartphone or wireless earplugs. This HYPEN wireless charger has QI support and is therefore suitable for most wirelessly rechargeable smartphones, smart watches and earplugs. In addition, this charger also comes standard with the quick charge function that allows you to charge your devices at lightning speed! Easy to use The HYPEN wireless charger is easy to use. Make sure the charger is connected and place your mobile or other wirelessly rechargeable device on the charger. Do you want to use the phone again? Take it off the charger without having to pull out a cable! Specifications: Colour: white Material: ABS Fast charging: yes Qi support: yes Cable length: 100 cm Power connection: USB cable Input/output type: Micro-USB Content: 1 Wireless charger 1 Micro-USB cable

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