Emergency Sleeping Bag


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This compact and lightweight survival sleeping bag measures 3′ x 7′ and comes with a draw string carry bag. The aluminized polyethylene material is durable enough for multiple uses.

We love the fact that these bags can be used when they’re not in use! For example:


  • The bag will keep you (and your clothes) dry during a rainstorm, preserving critical body heat, and staving off hypothermia
  • The bright orange color will make it easy for rescuers to spot, and allows the bag to double as a signal panel during the day
  • Likewise, the reflective inner surface can form an improvised signal mirror on sunny days
  • Turned inside out, it can provide protection from sunburn
  • It can be laid out to to collect rainwater
  • It can be modified to help catch or funnel fish
  • The large size, bright colors, and sound of the material flexing may help scare off predatory animals


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