Bluetooth Sports Headphones, Rich Audio & Bass Quality with Sweat Proof Magnetic

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BLUETOOTH 4.1 : Wireless audio connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices with a Bluetooth connection. This includes Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony and more. ALUMINUM BODY : The housing around each earbud is made of aluminum with a metallic finish. The included earhooks snap directly onto the metal body and provide a more secure fit during workouts. MAGNETIC EARBUDS : Inside the back of each earbud are magnets that attract each other for easy around-the-neck portability. These magnets also help the speaker drivers deliver even better sound quality. UPGRADED MIC & CONTROLLER : A built-in in-line controller houses the audio/call controls along with a microphone. Also inside the housing is the re-chargeable battery that provides 5 hours of playback time. Upgraded Version provides quality sound for the on the go active user!

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